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  1. Vinayak Wadile

    4 months ago

    Queens of the Board: Celebrating India's Chess Virtuosos on Women's Day

    In the realm where intellect reigns supreme, India has seen an extraordinary rise in the prominence of its female chess prodigies. On this International Women's Day, let's unravel the tales of brillia...

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  1. Team Chessvicky

    2 years ago

    Thambi Calling! An opportunity to see the Gods of chess in action!!

    The All India Chess Federation takes immense pleasure in announcing the launch of the ticketing portal of the 44th Chess Olympiad.The chess fans who desires to watch the games live can buy the spe...


  1. Vinayak J Wadile

    3 years ago


    This tiny tot counts only 15 years and a great mighty prodigy who holds the title of GM at a very young age (2018). India proves out to be a very versatile and religious nation with many young talent ...

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