GM Ghosh Diptayan Clinches National Rapid Chess Championship 2024 Title in Nashik Triumph

Nashik, March 6, 2024

In a spectacular display of strategic prowess and intense competition, the Nashik District Chess Association organized the highly anticipated National Rapid and Blitz Chess Championship 2024. The prestigious event took place at the serene Shankaracharya Nyas, located in Old Gangapur Naka, Gangapur Road, Nashik.

The tournament, directed by the esteemed Shri. Vinay Bele, President of the Nashik District Chess Association, and his dedicated team including Sunil Sharma, Secretary, Jayesh Bhandari, Treasurer, Dr. Sachin Vyavhare, Ajinkya Tarte, and Jayram Sonawane, saw a total of 230 participants vying for victory.

The chief arbiter, IA Anantharam R, along with Deputy Chief Arbiter IA Guru Dayal Prajapati, led a capable team of arbiters including IA Bansod Swapnil, IA Ladhe Mohit, FA Shraddha Vinchwekar, IA Sandesh Nagarnaik, IA Thakare Pravin, IA Ajinkya Pingale, IA Gourav Kumar Ray, IA Upalavikar Pornima, IA Kulkarni Juily, FA Shardul Tapase, FA Pawar Yashwant, SNA Himani Bajaj, and IA Mangesh Gambhire.

The championship witnessed a formidable field, with a total of 11 Grandmasters and 55 titled players participating. The competition unfolded over 11 rounds, culminating in a total prize fund of 4 lakhs.

The chief guest for the prize distribution ceremony was none other than GM Pravin Thipsay, Maharashtra's First Grandmaster, adding prestige to the event.

After an intense battle, GM Ghosh Diptayan from Railways emerged as the National Rapid Champion, securing an impressive 9 points. He not only claimed the coveted title but also received a cash prize of 75,000/- along with a trophy. The runner-up position went to IM Aronyak Ghosh, also from Railways, with 8.5 points. GM Raja Rithvik from Telangana secured the third rank, also with 8.5 points. 

The final ranking after 11 rounds featured a total of 25 winners, showcasing the depth of talent in the competition.

The winners included notable names ;

1. GM Ghosh Diptayan - Rs.75000/- Cash + Trophy2. IM Aronyak Ghosh - Rs.60000/- Cash + Trophy3. GM Raja Rithvik - Rs.50000/- Cash + Trophy4. IM Das Arghyadip - Rs.40000/- Cash5. IM Srihari L R - Rs.30000/- Cash6. FM Wagh Suyog - Rs.20000/- Cash7. IM Sammed Jaykumar Shete - Rs.15000/- Cash8. FM Ayush Sharma - Rs.15000/- Cash9. FM Aradhya Garg - Rs.10000/- Cash10. IM Hari Madhavan N B - Rs.10000/- Cash11. FM Vaz Ethan - Rs.5000/- Cash12. IM Raahul V S - Rs.5000/- Cash13. GM Karthik Venkataraman - Rs.5000/- Cash14. WGM Priyanka Nutakki - Rs.5000/- Cash15. Nithin Babu - Rs.5000/- Cash16. IM Ratnakaran K - Rs.5000/- Cash17. GM Prraneeth Vuppala - Rs.5000/- Cash18. IM Shahil Dey - Rs.5000/- Cash19. GM Mitrabha Guha - Rs.5000/- Cash20. GM Neelotpal Das - Rs.5000/- Cash21. GM Sriram Jha - Rs.5000/- Cash22. IM Ravi Teja S - Rs.5000/- Cash23. FM Arhan Chethan Anand - Rs.5000/- Cash24. IM Utsab Chatterjee - Rs.5000/- Cash25. IM Abhishek Kelkar - Rs.5000/- Cash

The Nashik District Chess Association, under the able leadership of Shri. Vinay Bele and his team, demonstrated their commitment to promoting and nurturing chess talent in the region. The National Rapid and Blitz Chess Championship 2024 will be remembered as a grand success, with participants and spectators alike cherishing the moments of intense competition and strategic brilliance on the chessboard.