Chess people are so mad after chess and so intensely into it that all they want is chess in their life. For them chess isn’t a part of life it is life itself!

When their birthday comes it becomes very difficult to think what to gift them because unlike others these people love only the things related to chess and what normal people have in mind is chess set, and chess set….. And only chess set!!!

Chess people are very genuine thinker and when it comes to chess they prepare for their very best because they love chess!

Ok enough of this chess, best and all stuff I will stop beating around the bush and get straight into the point. Although you people may be having friends who are deeply in love with chess and don’t know anything but chess and you get confused of what to gift them with.

If you are looking for perfect gift that can make your cheesy chess friend happier then you are at the right place.

We have got you something more clever and stylish which you can gift your chess lover friend and make him more happy and beloved than before.


PREMIUM CITIZEN 2030 QUARTZ watch is designed especially for chess people. They have very nicely crafted this watch only for chess players. It won’t suggest the best move when your friend is in trouble, but it will remind you to solve some tactics when your friend checks the time.


Still wondering that really chess lover can be gifted with so many varieties? Of course because when it comes to chess the players are the best. This chess piece USB flash drive is surely a good solution for storing all of the chess games in chess piece! It is made out of real wood, with the snap in magnets on the base. This is definitely an original gift any chess player would appreciate. It is available in different GBs-8, 16, 32, 64.


This is the strongest table top chess computer available in the market currently. It plays nearly at the International Master’s level: 2350 rating. Novag Citrine features a large opening database of 24k half moves and 64 playing strength levels to suit every player’s need.

The chess board has built-in magnetic sensors allowing the computer to interpret your moves. The computer’s moves are shown by the LED light on the squares. Now you have no excuse saying that there is no ‘real-board’ opponent you can’t practice against.


A perfect gift for the chess enthusiast. It is very convenient and can fit into anything at ease. It is a pocket chess set which can be used not only for playing casual games on the go, but also for tactics solving, games analyzes and studying games from the books.


It is a meticulous fine jeweler craftsmanship. Comes with a free and beautiful gift box, unthreaded European story bracelet design, very beautifully and crucially carved with love and patience. A perfect and unique gift for chess lovers, any other friends or family members.


So this was the five cute and satisfying gifts you can give to your chess friends which are obviously crafted with some uniqueness.

Do let us know which gift idea you loved the most in the comment section down below.