Getting bored of playing the same defensive games as black? Do you want to make your game more interesting and worth playing?

We recommend you to take a look at the Hyper Accelerated Dragon. For some of you who don’t know let me get you straight into this that what exactly is this opening.

What is Hyper Accelerated Dragon?

It is a dragon which throws out fire on the white and makes you to win. I AM KIDDING!!!!!!


It is an aggressive opening for Black that will keep White on his/her feet.

As black, there are so many openings that you could implement in your games for a great move but HAD gifts you a sharp, pointy and attacking reply within the Sicilian Defense.

I have got you the basic reasons so that you should actually implement this amazing opening in your upcoming games.

1)   Requires less theory than Classical Dragon.

Many openings need a very deep and thorough analysis into score of middle game scenarios. Within this theory you only need to know a few key lines of theory that will help you to win more games.

Less theory means more time for practical implementation and you can get more comfortable about the ideas of the opening.

2)   More versatility.

Speaking of the other black openings these openings will give you more ground and options to develop more plans of how to play. It means that you can choose how aggressively you want to play taking the safe side into hand as well as depending on a variety of factors: the ability of your opponent, your playing style, and even the mood you are in!

Because of so many options ahead of you, you can merely enjoy the game leading to a gradual interest in this fascinating Sicilian Defense.

3)   Integration into your opening repertoire.

This opening proves out to be amazing because all you need to know are a few key ideas. That means implementing these ideas comes fluidly in almost all middle game situations.

4)   White in danger!

This opening makes it difficult for White to pose meaningful attacks. The main agenda of this opening is to initiate a powerful attack in multiple possible regions on the chessboard. This will lead to losing the opportunity gained by white to attack strongly and in many cases will be forced to defend. White down to earth!!

Even so, you should never let your guard down to what white could possibly do. Many times, white can gain counter initiative o the d-file after queenside castling and placing his/her king on the b1 square.

5)   Popular opening amongst super GMs.

Sounds lovely isn’t it? Putting its benefits a little blur and focusing on the outside, there has been a great increase in the number of games played by super GMs in the past decades.

This should offer some reassurance in its solidness and playability. Additionally because these titles players find themselves playing it more often, they must find success in it over other Sicilian opening variations.

Go all on phase for this opening if you want to be very dominating and gain that winning position on the chess board and don’t forget to leave your progress made by applying this opening in your game!