Big vlad? Well I am talking about Vladislav Artemiev who is one of the most great and amazing player and has shown great form and has got beautiful chess tactics.

In this short, sweet and simple article we are going to demonstrate a few things about him which hasn’t been a part of your watch list.

Here are his few basics to take into account.

So let’s take a look at those few but important things and get inspire and motivated!

·He is in this 20’s and has been awarded the title of Grandmaster in 2014, but he already crowned important victories in his career.

·He won the Gibraltar Masters Open in the January 2019 and represented Russia in the World Team Chess Championship in March, helping his team secure the gold medal with one round spare.

·He also took home the gold medal on the 5th. His great performance did not pass unnoticed and many people, including Grandmaster Alexander Grischuk see in him a possible successor of Vladimir Kramnik in Russian team.

· In spite of his youth, he shows deep chess understanding in his games. He doesn’t concentrate so much on the openings, but he is a very strong attacker and always seeks the imitative. He tries to constantly keep his opponent under pressure and find ways to pose serious problems. Quite strategic huh!

· He continued to impress later that month when he won the European Championship with 8.5 points out of 11, showing great chess understanding.

Quite interesting and inspiring huh? I hope you have enjoyed and got at least a little bit of inspiration from this rising bud which of course has bloomed into a beautiful flower in no time with grace!

Bloom where you are planted with grace they say... well said!