Good spirit and immense hard work lead you to your goals. Even though it wasn’t the goal of our CM like he never thought of being into chess but his dad’s will and the way he taught him created his love for chess and that’s how he started playing chess.

Well we have our next webinar with best player CM PRATIK PATIL.

PRATIK is an Indian chess player and entered into chess world when he was 7 years old. His dad’s support proved out to be of great importance to him who made Pratik to create love for chess.

His dad used to play at the University and used to give chess lessons to their son as well. A sad tragedy happened when his father met with an accident still they used to teach our CM chess skills which proves his success now.

His proud parents named MR.PRAVIN PATIL had a business of pesticide but they focused more on their child’s welfare hence they quit their business and used to be on small tours as Pratik had his tournaments in different cities and states. Such a great sacrifice done by his father! Hats off! His mother MRS.REKHA PATIL is a house maker and he has a sister named MS.BHAGYASHREE PATIL who is also a good chess player. She is World (U-8) bronze medalist and National (under-7) champion and Women FIDE Master title holder.

He is currently pursuing his final year in M.A.

He participated in the chess competition sponsored by ETV which was U-10 and secured 6th position. He played U-7 at state level in Solapur and secured 3rd position. He was under the guidance of Mr. Vivek Dani in Jalgaon. He got to grasp many chess skills and knowledge from IM Raja Ravi Shekhar. He got many good coaches in his chess life but his best coach was his dad who taught him the basic norms of chess.

His Current Rating is 2226 and Peak Rating: 2292

Here are his enormous achievements:-

He was a Gold Medalist in 1st International European School Championship (U13) Greece, 2008 Silver Medalist for Team India in 4th World School Chess Championship (U13) Singapore, 2008 Gold Medalist in 8th Asian School Chess Championship (U17) New Delhi, he won 2012 International Master Norm in 5th KIIT International Chess Festival Bhubaneshwar, 2013 Silver Medalist in Asian Youth Blitz Chess Championship Iran, 2013. He was selected for National Premier (A) Chess Championship, Tirupati, 2012

His favorite player is the unstoppable Magnus Carlsen and prince of Chess Vishwanathan anand. Magnus Carlsen’s endgame and the way he fights till the very end and never losses hope of winning inspires him the most.

Vishwanathan anand inspires and motivates him in every way. He has great love and respect for this player. He likes his on the board skills, his overall behavior. He his role model of our CM.

He is making a lot of efforts for his GM norm as well and is under the renowned GM’s guidance MR.VISHNU PRASANNA. And is practicing chess all most the whole day with his sister.

His future goal is to earn the IM title.

Keep reaching more heights and achieving your dreams CM! Wishing you a massive good luck for your upcoming life!