ROLL UP INTO THE WORLD OF CHESS WITH OUR CHESS WEBINARS. proudly announces India's first Chess webinar Platform.

Guys and all my chess lovers, the very sad and traumatic part of life is going on brought by this pandemic which has slowed down each and everyone’s day to day schedule. You just need to sit at home and stay healthy stay safe and no outdoor activities which is obviously taking all of us to a very lazy track where no body wants to reside.

It is very important to be physically as well as mentally active because if this doesn’t happens a normal or an average human being goes into the past and becomes sluggish and start to thinking about the things which are not all good for the whole body.

Far from our daily activities, our favourite sports and games makes one very aggressive and unstable as the daily routine is disturbed.

CHESVICKY.COM thinks alot about their chess lovers and also for those who have a keen interest in chess. So to keep your mind setactive and to keep you away from unwanted thoughts we have launched webinar in our series of various things available on our website.

Apart from articles, quizzes, puzzles and other activities these one feature has been launched just to make it more easy and precise for you to gain the knowledge stay busy and active even though its pandemic and of course to stay away from all the unwanted things popping in mind.

Its fun learning, interesting and a good to go knowledge giver. Its a engaging online event or activity where a speaker, or a small group of speakers, deliver a presentation or teach us and a large number of audience and participate in it by asking ,responding to polls and using other interactive tools.

So don’t forget to check out the interesting feature the webinar will provide. Stay healthy stay active and motivated and enjoy the new feature only on CHESSVICKY.COM

Let us know down in the comment section below about what you have liked the most about these feature and how it has helped you in developing your skills and your knowledge in chess.