2020 has proven out to be a very disastrous year bringing all the unwanted trauma and negative things. It’s not the one to get what we want it’s all about to appreciate what we have. It gives a feel of disappointment when you are about to do something good and then some blackout happens.

While every chess enthusiastic is primarily focused on the online chess Olympiad an unbelievable thing happened. It was actually not at all expected to rise in this way.

India was leading the match against Mongolia and everyone was holding their breath to see the things coming up right in India’s way. At this point Humpy was better in her game and Vidit also had a positional edge. Everything was going on a very smooth road. It seemed like India would have score 4.5-1-5 or even on a very rough line it would have been 4.2. All of a sudden Humpy lost her internet connection and she ran out of time and simultaneously Vidit also experienced the same thing which was very frustrating thing for both the players but the worst thing happened when the scores were tied 3-3 and India lost a critical match point.

Coming from a source of chess:-Bharat Singh Chauhan stated ‘I have got to know that the issue faced by players was not about internet. It was power failure. Both the players experienced the same thing and while both of them have inverters at their place, it takes a few seconds for the internet to restart and because of this they lost their games’. No one can give its solution and no one can even guarantee that this thing will not happen again. He made a call to Vidit and Humpy and has offered them to play their remaining games from Taj Hotel in Nashik and Vijaywada. These five star hotels usually have uninterrupted Internet services. All the cost for the same will be handled by the Federation.

Coming from a source of chess:-Vidit Gujrathi stated ‘I appreciate the help offered from Bharat Singh. I will play tomorrow’s game from my home. The team and I will give my best tomorrow and we are positive that we will reach the next stage. The games will then begin from the 27th of August and it will give me time to go to the Hotel and check the new environment and make sure that everything is fine. Humpy is also facing a unique situation of internet loss due to power failure. Although she has the generator facility, the main internet provider station itself shuts down due to the power failure and she loses her connection, even though she has made all the appropriate arrangements’.

If there would have been no power failure India would have surely won the match. Hoping for the best that such things won’t happen in future as it leads to great loss. wishes Indian Chess Team good luck ahead. Come up with flying colors.