As the title suggests defending is one of the most greatest and silent attacking skill on the opponent without him noticing it.

As a chess player everybody should at least once in a while go through these normal defense strategies.

Defense, a hyper-modern chess opening that has been slowly gaining popularity.

Here are few basic reasons of why we defense tactics need the chess player attention.

1.   Low theory system

The best comes the first. The good news is that you won’t have to learn too much theory either!

In spite of learning and remembering and gulping the moves and long lines you can go for finding the plans and understand the resulting positions. This proves out to be a great opportunity to learn new openings and improve the chess understandings simultaneously.

2.   Tricky playing

If your opponent is not well established and unsure about his playing skills it can be difficult for him to find a good set up over the board. It is based on a rather unusual concept- black is not fighting for the centre- right from the beginning, allowing white to occupy it with the pawns.

The tricky part is many times white run the risk of over extending, whereas black doesn’t have any important weaknesses.

So basically once your opponent makes the mistake and make himself weak too much, you can strike back and fight for the advantage.

Awesome right!

3.   Black winning position

When it’s an opening with black it’s a win that’s the most important thing to look after.

 As there isn’t much contact right from the beginning, trades are not so easy to make and it allows you to keep many pieces on the board and go for a long game with chances for both the sides.

4.   Original positions are worth exploring.

There are, of course exploring the original and basic positions can lead you to new inventions and new ideas and study the plans and as I said you get a lot of room for new discoveries and you can find and put in practice your own ideas.

5.   The malleable opening

If you prefer on choosing more opening choices and be able to change those whenever you like in the middle of the game for a fantastic finish then bravo you prove out to be flexible and tough in any situation your opponent is about to put you in.

You don’t have to learn two new openings, but rather new ideas inside the same one. There are many set-ups you can choose from and white should be well-prepared to face each of them.

That’s all for the modern defense. Let us know which part motivates you the most in your independent thought section down below!