Nashik Based Coach Sunil Sharma and V - A Interesting Story

(Pic courtesy : MPL National Rapid and Blitz Chess Championship 2022)

Sunil Sharma Sir has almost 45+ years of experience in chess, which means almost double my age. To date, many students have been taught by the Sir, but the letter "V" has a different relationship in the teacher's life. This is because the progress and performance of the students whose names are derived from the letter "V" are remarkable.

 Their names are as follows ;

 1) Super Grandmaster Vidit Gujarathi

 2) CA Vinay Bele

 3) Vinayak Wadile

 4) Vikram Mavalankar

 5) Vicky Thakur

 6) Ovee Vyavhare

 7) Vaibhav Chavan

 8) Varad Nagapurkar 

 The whole world knows that Vidit Gujarathi, the beloved Super Grandmaster of Nashik, started with Sharma Sir and had a special role in removing his fear of playing from Black Pieces. Today, Vidit is ranked second in India and 24th in the world.

 The other "V" is Vinay Bele, who had made a name for himself in Nashik with his game of chess till 1994, and even today, the players break out in a sweat when they see him sitting on the chessboard. He is also a CA by profession and has about 21 offices in three countries namely Singapore, Hong Kong, and India. Not only as a renowned CA entrepreneur but also as the current president of Nashik District Chess Association and Vice President of Maharashtra Chess Association.

The third "V" is Vinayak Wadile, known for his, the first and most unique chess website in Asia launched in 2016 and spread the word about chess in over 150+ countries. In recognition of Vinayak's work, last year Radio Mirchi honored him with the award "Youth Icon of Nashik", while the same year Birla Group honored him with the National award "Birla Young Indian".

The fourth "V" is Vikram Mavalankar, one of the leading player in Nashik. Apart from being a great player and coach, Vikram is an internationally acclaimed photographer. Vikram has traveled almost the entire world for photography.

 The fifth "V" is Vicky Thakur, a very old player from Nashik and also known as an excellent chess organizer and organizer. He is still working as a renowned coach in Nashik and is giving chess lessons to many students.

The sixth "V" is Ovee Vyavhare, at a very young age Ovee started learning chess from Sir and to this day has dominated many state level, national chess competitions. He believes that in the next few years, everyone will get another female grandmaster in the form of Ovee.

Remaining Seventh and Eighth i.e. Vaibhav Chavan and Varad Nagapurkar are also doing great work in their professional Carrier.

This was the unique thing between Sunil Sharma Sir and "V".

Everyone knows that chess is a game like a drug, once you get involved in chess, it becomes difficult to get out. For some, it may be a career, for some, it may be halfway through, while for others it may be just a hobby. Not to mention that Sharma has produced many players to date but every student of Sharma is working in a high position today. There are very few people who sacrifice their lives for the sake of another life.

Salute to his work!

 (Note: After reading all this, those whose names start with "V" do not contact Sunil Sharma Sir.)

 Written By : V ....