When the topic of chess comes no one can forget to take this legends name because this guy always cracks the priority list of all the massive and awesome chess players. He is recognized as one of the most great and top leading chess player of all the times. He is a huge knowledge maniac with all the good strategic skills, great timing, unbelievable moves and yes an unbreakable spirit which makes him indeed MR. UNSTOPPABLE of all times though! India is blessed to have such a good players like him taking birth on our mother land.


Born in the Rama’s land NASHIK on 30th January 1967 with 54 age running this guy has not quit and has proved that age is just a number when you have the urge to pursue your desired goals nothing can stop you from owning it… you just need to possess a good will power with a good and amazing mindset which this man has got.

This prodigy is Vidharbha’s first person to get entitled with the INTERNATIONAL MASTER TAG. A proud moment indeed. Well he has not only mastered the wooden chessboard but had a tremendous role in shaping and moulding the careers of many young saplings and with his pure water in form of knowledge has let them grow into a strong and evergreen tree.

He is very humble and down to earth man and helps anybody in need and support players who actually want to do something in their lives and up bring their career to another great extend.

Speaking of his childhood and his journey towards chess he has spent his juvenile decades in Amravati and then shifted to Nagpur where he got caught up with the job of Life Insurance Corporation of India in 1991 under the sports quota.

He was one of the great Indian talents every parent could wish he would have. With a great spark and hidden talent which was growing and glowing at the age of 8 he became Amravati’s district champion which proved to be a turning point in his life career and it was his first ever open tournament and he was no.1 for about a decade. Quite inspirational!

He has won many laurels out of which were the one of 1977 where he was only 10 years old. He earned the maiden state and national medal in the U-16 and U-19 and secured his position among the podium finishers for the next 15 years.

This kind hearted and genuine player has done a lot for all the chess lovers out there. At the age of 18 where other student who are just doing some useless and time wasting stuff these star at the age of 18 step into the world of chess as a professional chess player and not only that he help in molding the careers of other chess lovers by giving them free coaching without charging them a single buck.

This mythic has played over 100 national chess championships and won over 30 medals which only a high IQ person can do. Very challenging and impressive. He has always being there for all the Indian chess stars and is a part of their success.

This guy gave a shock and surprised our first Indian chess Grandmaster Vishwanathan Anand two times at the nationals held in Hyderabad in the year 1982 and one in Goa in 1983. His most memorable game was the Shiva Chhatrapati Award which he gained for 2 times. First as a player in 2002 and the 2nd time for coaching in 2017. He came into defeat against Anand in 1992 when audience took autographs of this great personality.

Being struggled everytime and coming from a poor economical background till the time he got the job he used to be always under the pressure of earning the prize money so just to retard back to his home. He is such a motivational player that after getting a job after so much of ups and downs and an immeasurable and unimaginable struggle he spent almost a lot of his salary for the betterment and development of the needy players belonging to any sport and became a role model for everybody out there. This guy has a huge name in the field of chess and he poses a remarkable personality indeed. Not everyone has a huge heart as that of him. Though down to earth but still above everyone! He even generated Rs. 5 lakh by conducting a benefit tournament for city’s local chess star Abdul Jabbar in 2008.

List of lucky rising talent who got to get trained by the hands of this legend – Arjuna awardee Abhijeet Gupta, Vidit Gujrathi, Parimarjan Negi, Swapnil Dhopade, Pallavi Shah, Eesha Karvade, Saloni Saple, Hemant Sharma, Srinath Rao, Samir Katmale, Nisha Mohota, and blind world champion Darshan Kshirsagar. Many of these stars have stayed at his residences during their training period but he never charged anything just expected them to rise above the worst and shine brighter.

City master named Divya Deshmukh, Raunak Sadhwani, Mrudul Dehankar, Vaibhav Raut, Shweta Gole, Sankalp Gupta who made a great remarkable chess playing tactic on the world stage, were also trained by our IM.

He was given the President’s award in the year 2000. He has won laurels in the form of medals at Turkey and Istanbul respectively as coach of Indian Chess Team.

His one of the most heart touching and great statement was ‘I want India to become a mitochondria in chess like Russia was till 1995. I have been trying and preparing every youngster with this belief. I have helped, and not trained, these International Champions.

Well there are so rare people who do so much for the society and still not take the credit and don’t worry about earning fame and getting famous. You are rarest of the rare sir! The truly gem of person!

CHESSVICKY.COM proudly salutes this personality who has been polishing the lives of so many players out there waiting to fly high and gave them wings of hope and a positive ray of golden era. He has been contributing so much of his life’s important time in shaping the lives of people with great excitement and enthusiasm.

Not only India but everyone out there who knows this man’s contribution and deed and his struggle is proud of this old is gold personality with a tremendous experience with so much humbleness, love and passion filled with a pure soul.

You have turned many carbons into diamonds. Wishing you to do the same till the very end. You make a difference sir!

Live long and prosper!