After getting a tremendous response and interaction with the chess lovers all out there for the webinar here we have arranged another mind blowing webinar session with one of the most famous and great player GM SHARDUL GAGARE.

This young inspiration was born on 2 September 1997 and made his parents proud. He became India’s 42 grandmaster as he managed to win his third round game at the IIFL Wealth Mumbai International Tournament which was held at Mount Litera School International at Bandra in Mumbai.

Speaking of his family background his father is a Doctor (M.D. Medicine, Heart Specialist). Achieving such a great profession still his father sacrificed his well settles practice which is very hard to do nowadays. He guided and accompanied this young man in many foreign tournaments and he studied all his chess books in order to explain that to him. He used to take his studies through the chess books and his father too possess a great knowledge of chess strategy.

Because of his father’s dedication he was able to focus on becoming a good and down to earth chess player which gradually made his way to become a strong Chess Grandmaster. Mr. Striker never wasted his father’s efforts and kept in mind the sacrifices and efforts he has done just to make his son a renowned Chess Player. Sacrificing dreams of own just to make your children live their own dream is not at all easy job. A huge salute to his father who plays a vital role in life of shardul’s journey from a normal guy to an India’s 42th Chess Grandmaster.

His early life about living his dreams wasn’t that easy as it seems. When Shardul Gagare began playing chess there was not a single rated player in Ahmednagar. Hailing from the village of Rahuri, Shardul and his family faced extreme difficulties to improve at the game of chess. As there were no players who could practice with Shardul, it was decided that his sister Shalmali should also learn chess! Within a year Shardul went on to become an under-7 national champion. He then won under-10 Asian title as well.


Shalmali also moved from strength to strength winning the bronze in under-12 world championships. The brother-sister duo travelled together and annexed many a titles. Subsequently Shardul went on to become a grandmaster, and Shalmali who has also completed her Dentist BDS and Scored Women Grandmaster First Norm in 2019.

Together they have changed the landscape of Ahmednagar chess. From zero rated players, the city now boasts of over 100 rated players. This has been possible because of the untiring efforts of Shardul, Shalmali and their parents. Along their journey they received invaluable help from Narendra Firodia, who is sponsoring their chess journey and making sure that the sport grows in Ahmednagar.

This is kind of motivation the young generation needs to implement for a better self-development and a good future for well-being of India.

Both gagare siblings prove out to be very dedicated and hardworking and has won laurels in the same.

Speaking of MR.STRIKER who is a silent killer I must say as he has a very attacking strategy but it comes out with the most silent aspects and gives opponent a big throb. He is very keen and dedicated personality from the very young age when it comes to chess. Whether it be any sport or any activity the person should a well to do quality and give 100% concentration and this boy is a good example of it.

Great things never come from comfort zones they say well said

Live long and prosper GM! All the best for your bright future!