This article is especially for those who are in love with some of the most famous chess openings and want to learn them. We have got you a small introduction towards some small openings which will surely help in a small amount to understand.

Let’s get into this introduction straight away.

1.e4 Openings for Beginners: One of the most common opening moves is 1.e4. Black's most solid response is 1...e5. The game frequently continues with 2.Nf3 Nc6 and then one of three main moves, Bc4, Bb5 or d4.

1.d4 Openings for Beginners the most popular alternative to 1.e4 is 1.d4. One of the main openings after d4 is the Queen's Gambit, which goes 1.d4 d5 2.c4 e6 (or c6). This will lead to the Queen's Gambit declined or the Slav defense.

Intro to 1.e4 Defenses for Black (1...e5 and 1...c5): The most common responses to 1.e4 are those that guard the d4 square. Black usually plays 1...e5 or 1...c5 to prevent White from reaching a solid two pawn center.

Intro to 1.e4 Defenses for Black (1...e6, 1...c6, and 1...d5):  If Black meets 1.e4 with a move other than e5 or c5, the main idea will be to place a pawn on d5. 1...d5 is possible, but risky because Black's pawn will be captured. More common is 1...e6 or 1..c6 to prepare d5 on the next move.

1.d4 Openings for Beginners (Black):  When playing against 1.d4 most players prevent White from playing e4 with 1...Nf6 or 1...d5. If you play 1...d5 and White plays c4, you will usually want to play e6 or c6 to support the d5 pawn.

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