Well everything should have limit. Unlike your dreams are limitless your reality things can have some boundaries as they can lead you to death if you over think about them. As excess of wine and other alcohol consumption can lead you to many mental as well as physical problems and can lead you to death where if you consume it in a limited manner but obvious helps you in increasing your health and keeping you stable.

So is the same in terms of chess. The level of stress increases through your victory as gaining victory becomes the prime factor for you which can gradually decrease your mental health and chess will be in your mind 24*7 which is a bad sign indeed because a thing which makes you think about itself for the whole day and night and not about anything else is a ill omen to call for.

Have you heard about a chess player getting RIP in the middle of the game at the world’s most important and prestigious competition?

Well this is so true; it may have shocked those who view the game as a relaxing pastime. KURT MEIER, 67, collapsed brutally during his final match in the tournament and died in hospital later that day. But chess, like any other game or sport, can lead to an immense amount of stress, which can be bad for competitor’s physical health too.

Kids and youngsters are forced and motivated to play sports or games in order to increase or lean a step toward a good mindset, good health and well-being. And there are a lot of countless number of studies and researches showing that playing games has an association with feeling happier. The game which leads you to death I guess you should either not to play frequently or stop it because health is wealth. While this argument is true for recreational players, the story can be different for the elite, where success and failure are won and lost by the final margins and where winning can mean funding and a future, and losing can mean poverty and unemployment. If this is a case, can being successful at a sport or game actually be bad for you?


Well it is quite understandable that when a game becomes your life as well as a fame and income source it’s important to be at the rising star list to get recognized. When you get defeated you should take it as a learning lesson not get into depression or getting aggressive well if you are mature enough to handle this trauma than you are the real life hero and you won the life’s exam!

Elite competition can be stressful because the outcome is so important to the competition. We can measure stress using a whole range of physiological indicators such as heart rate and temperature and responses such as changes in the intensity of our emotions.

The stress response is probably not restricted to elite athletes. Intense emotions are linked to trying to achieve important goals and while it isn’t the only situation where it occurs. It’s just very noticeable in sport.

The leading candidate that signals we are experiencing stress is anxiety, characterized by thoughts of worry, fears of dread about performance, along with accompanying physiological responses such as increased heart and sweaty palms. Emotions provide a warning of threat. So if you fell that achieving our goal is going to be difficult, than expect to feel intense emotions.


It makes more mature and sense to focus on what that causes of stress are rather than where we experience it. The principle is that the more important the goal is to achieve, then the greater the propensity for the situation to intensify emotions.

Winning content or going on a date relate to higher order goals about how we see ourselves. If we define ourselves as ‘are a good player ’or‘ being attractive or likeable’ then contrasting information is likely to associate with unpleasant emotions. You will feel devastated if you are turned down when asking someone out on a date, for instance, and if this was repeated, it could lead to reduced self-esteem and depression.

The key message here is to recognize what your goals are and think about how important they are. If you want to achieve them with a passion and if the act of achieving them leads to intense and sometimes unwanted emotions, then it’s worth thinking about doing some work to manage these emotions.

Guys’ chess is about taking advantage not to get so much into it that we will forget ourselves one day. Always remember that it has to be dawn for the sun to shine up again. The aim of this article is to spread awareness that don’t lose yourself to gain other things because life comes with an expiry date which you don’t know! We created chess it didn’t created us. So handle chess don’t let it handle you! Don’t get dilapidated fellas take each victory as a new challenge and take each defeat as a lesson to improve and the mistakes which you are not supposed to repeat.

 So stay happy stay safe and play chess with a good mindset just don’t get lost!

Share your views on the same and your experiences you had while playing chess!