Historic Turnout Marks Namo Chashak Chess Tournament in Nashik

MLA Devyanitai Pharande's Visionary Leadership Spurs Record Participation

Nashik, [25th Feb]: The resonant echoes of strategic moves filled the air at KVN Naik College in Nashik on the 23rd and 24th of February 2024, as the Historic Namo Chashak Chess Tournament, orchestrated by MLA Devyanitai Pharande, unfolded with a record-breaking participation of over 1000+ players. This landmark event, featuring categories for u-12, u-17, and an open group, not only marked a historic chess spectacle but also demonstrated the vibrant chess culture thriving in Nashik.

Pic: Revenue Minister Radhakrushna Vikhe Patil and MLA Devyanitai Pharande delighting in a game of chess, savoring the joy it brings.
The prestigious KVN Naik College provided a fitting backdrop for the intense battles and intellectual showdowns that unfolded, with young prodigies and seasoned contenders clashing for chess supremacy. The Inauguration, graced by the esteemed Revenue Minister of Maharashtra, Radhakrushna Vikhe Patil, and in the presence of Dr. Santosh Gujarathi and Sunil Sharma, added a touch of prestige, emphasizing the tournament's role in fostering intellectual development.

Pic: Dr.Santosh Gujarathi and Sunil Sharma actively engaging in gameplay with the participants
Key figures such as Tournament Director Mr. Vinayak Wadile, Chief Arbiter FA Shreya Chitnis, and Arbiters SNA Pramod Gandhgole and SA Bhushan Pawar ensured the smooth execution of the event, creating a fair and competitive platform for participants. The main organizing team, led by MLA Devyanitai Pharande and supported by Sunil Pharande, Akshay Gangurde, Umesh Nhyati, and Avdhoot Kulkarni, played a pivotal role in orchestrating the event and fostering a sense of community.

Pic : Organising Team
The chess extravaganza featured not only intense battles on the board but also served as a platform for recognizing and rewarding exceptional performances. The announcement of winners in the Open Group category further added to the excitement, with the top 10 players showcasing remarkable strategic prowess:

1. Patil Harshal
2. Mhasane Shriram
3. Tajane Ganesh
4. Chavan Vaibhav
5. Mavlankar Vikram
6. Shirsath Vivek
7. Sonar Kiran
8. Sonawne Jeevandas
9. Malpure Om
10. Gaidhani Nishant

Additionally, the Under 12 category witnessed exceptional performances, with the top 10 winners exhibiting promising talent:

1. Kadam Viraj
2. Shirole Vedant
3. Yadav Sarthak
4. Patil Virat
5. Naik Ishwari
6. Mohale Sumedh
7. Channe Sharv
8. Shinde Aarush
9. Kabra Devshree
10. Chavan Yashraj

In the Under 17 category, young talents showcased their strategic brilliance, with the top 10 players emerging as follows:

1. Nagare Kaivalya
2. Pawar Aarnav
3. Kothawade Shlok
4. Mahale Tanishq
5. Nerpagar Shlok
6. Chaudhari Arnav
7. Avhad Samarth
8. Shelke Viraj
9. Mantri Ayush
10. Avhad Vivek

The tournament's grandeur will reach its pinnacle on Sunday, 25th February, with the distribution of prizes in the presence of the esteemed actor Parth Bhalerao, adding a touch of glamour to the event. MLA Devyanitai Pharande expressed his gratitude to all participants, organizers, and supporters, envisioning the Namo Chashak Chess Tournament as a stepping stone for future chess events that will inspire a new generation of chess enthusiasts in Nashik.

Pic: Devyanitai Pharande attentively observing the participants' gameplay.
As the echoes of the Historic Namo Chashak Chess Tournament linger within the historic walls of KVN Naik College, Nashik stands as a testament to the growing prominence of chess, promising more thrilling events and intellectual battles to come.