How should you avoid the most common mistakes in chess? GM Romain Edouard explains how to stay object and focused, how to make concrete concessions when needed and maintain your fighting spirit!

Be Objective:  Often our mistakes in chess come from fear. Even Grandmasters can be intimidated by higher rated opponents! GM Romain Edouard shares his experiences, with this psychological problem both as the higher rated player and as the underdog!

Stay Focused: Often we make mistakes because of time pressure, or just a lack of concentration. GM RomainEdourard explains how to stay focused and how to handle the clock in key games!

Make Concrete Concessions: When you have a good position, it's easy to sit back and try to avoid risk. However, often good positions require precise calculation to convert them into a win. GM Romain Edouard is back with some personal examples of successful and problematic calculations.

Have A Fighting Spirit: When a game looks drawish, don't just agree to a draw! You learn more by playing on, and often there's a chance to win in even the most simple-looking endgames! GM Romain Edouard wraps up his series and shows you some of his best endgame tricks!

What psychological mistakes have you or your opponents made? Let us know in the comments!