I know many of you have started your chess journey with various chess sets which you can remember till now. Of course you can remember because chess players have good memory !!

And when it comes to get a chess set at home you might be confused that which one you should get. So here is a boon of advice from our side describing 4 prime chess set which will help you in choosing your home chess set easily.

Well different motifs of chess set demonstrate different uses and have different purpose. So its upto you which one to choose and in which category your choice falls.

1.Club/ tournament sets.

These are the most basic, inexpensive, and practical chess sets. The pieces are made of plastic and the boards are made of vinyl. This is what most serious chess players have at home because they are portable and easy to use.

2.Wooden chess sets.

Sets made of wood can be both beautiful and practical to play on, but they won’t be cheap. Wooden chess sets can cost from $100 to well over $1,000 depending on the quality of the wood and the detail of the carving.


3.Decorative chess sets.

There are many kinds of chess sets that are made to look interesting. From the ornate to the abstract, you can find a chess set made of nearly any material and on any theme. But they are mostly showpieces and not practical for actual play.


4.Electronic chess sets.

Electronic sets have become much less popular lately because of how easy it is to play chess online. Still, if you are looking for a simple computer opponent, an electronic set can be fun.


Easy??!! I hope it must have become easy for you to choose your home chess set from this 4.

Do let us know if there's any other option you would like us to include in the same.