It is of immense pleasure and a very proud moment to finally announce that after so many patience, thinking and the changes done we have successfully launched our official CHESVICKY APP without any hesitation.

It was really an intense journey and with lots of ups and downs but yes the fruit turned out be very sweet and mesmerizing than expected and we are ready to serve the chess lovers with the utmost quality and an ocean of deep and sensible knowledge making them one step closer towards their achievement.


 It is the most perfect platform related to chess which meets all your needs for the same. It’s a good stop for all the chess lovers who are looking for all about chess with different features all descripted below. Enjoy unlimited chess puzzles with different variations which will often increase your curiosity and urge to learn chess more deeply. Play games, enjoy solving quizzes and get lost into the world of chess by our informative and up-to-date article section.

This app will help you in adding more to your knowledge by its interactive lessons, webinar and online classroom sessions and a massive computer opponent.


It’s in the game where players discover their paradise. Learn, compete with others; earn fame and polish your rising skills with our gaming feature.


Get a way smarter by solving our more than n. numbers of interesting puzzles. Each puzzle comes with an increase in the level which increases your curiosity to solve more which helps you in adding a good info of chess to your knowledge.


Test your knowledge with our informative and good quizzes which helps you to into a more power to get into world of chess and IMAGINE with all your mind, BELIEVE with all your heart and ACHIEVE with all your might. So grasp and earn more knowledge about chess.


Flow more deeply into the era of chess world by attending mind transforming chess webinars and become masters from the renowned chess masters.


Get the classroom experience of learning chess through our online class demonstrated feature in which chess coach get into touch with you and help you to learn chess in more fun and compatible way and you can get it all on our official website which has all the Indian ingredient in it!


Stay updated with the latest things happening in the world of chess and any other chess related things with our short and informative articles right for you with your own independent thought section! You can also write your own articles and earn fame!

So it comprise whole of increasing your skills in theoretical as well as in practical way. So do watch its feature and don’t forget to give feedback on the same and do take an experience by using the app.

Stay safe and play chess!