World Chess Day became an occasion of jubilation and reverence at Espalier Heritage School, as students from grades 1 to 10 gathered to honor the one and only chess legend, Vishwanathan Anand. The day was marked by a splendid display of creativity and admiration as young chess enthusiasts poured their hearts out in paying tribute to the inspirational grandmaster. Guided by the school's dedicated leadership and chess mentor, the event showcased the school's commitment to nurturing innovation and fostering a love for chess among its students.

Eternal Gratitude: A Tribute to Inspiration

Under the nurturing guidance of the school's principal, Ankita Kurya Rautela, and directors Dr. Prajakta Joshi and Sachin Joshi, the students of Espalier Heritage School embarked on a journey to express their deep admiration for Vishy Anand. The students' artistic talents came to life through beautifully crafted greeting cards, each a unique expression of their respect and gratitude for the grandmaster. Adorned with heartfelt messages, these cards conveyed how Vishy Anand had served as a beacon of inspiration, motivating them to pursue their passion for chess with unwavering determination.

Chess Trivia: Testing Knowledge and Strategic Thinking:

A highlight of the event was the enthralling chess trivia competition, where young minds put their knowledge and strategic thinking to the ultimate test. The students' grasp of chess's intricate tactics and rich history was nothing short of remarkable, impressing all who witnessed their depth of understanding. It was a testament to the growing enthusiasm for chess at Espalier Heritage School, thanks to the guidance and dedication of their chess mentor, Vinayak Wadile.

Gratitude and Admiration in Letters and Greetings :

In a touching gesture, the students collectively penned a heartfelt letter and Greetings to Vishwanathan Anand, expressing their profound gratitude for his role as a perpetual source of inspiration and motivation. They acknowledged the grandmaster's journey from a young prodigy to a global icon, recognizing how it resonated deeply with their aspirations and instilled in them the belief to chase their dreams relentlessly. Vishy Anand's achievements and unwavering sportsmanship have left an indelible mark on these young minds, encouraging them to strive for excellence in their chosen endeavors.

A Legacy of Inspiration:

Vishwanathan Anand's influence on the students of Espalier Heritage School extends far beyond the chessboard. As they celebrated the World Chess Day, it was evident that the grandmaster's dedication, perseverance, and humility had left an enduring impact on their lives. His ability to combine intellect, sportsmanship, and a love for the game continues to serve as a guiding light for the next generation of chess enthusiasts.


Espalier Heritage School's tribute to Vishwanathan Anand on World Chess Day was a reflection of the profound admiration and respect the students hold for the chess legend. Through their creativity, knowledge, and heartfelt expressions, they demonstrated how Vishy Anand's journey has been a source of motivation and inspiration for young minds with dreams to pursue. As the chess community celebrated the legacy of this exceptional grandmaster, it was evident that his influence will continue to inspire generations of chess players to come, igniting a passion for the game and encouraging the pursuit of excellence.