No matter where you stand in chess or how much experience you possess you still have something remaining back for better improvement and to get into that level which you desire. With right habits, positive attitude and down to earth nature you can improve your chess game in both fun and simple way. As always mentioned in the previous articles practice is going to make you perfect and up to date but with some tips of course.

Here are top-5 basic chess tips to get that perfect chess skill.

1) Practice more, develop more.

You can't get better at anything without repetition and chess demands the same. Take each and every opportunity to play chess instead of wasting time in some other useless activity which is not going to take you anywhere. Play with your friends,play virtually and keep on practicing and analyzing your every move.

2) Study basic endgame.

Surprisingly, most chess games don’t end quickly, but only after many, many moves and after most of the pieces have been traded away. This will often leave just kings and a few pieces and/or pawns. This is the “endgame”, where usually the goal is to promote one of your pawns to a queen. Learning to navigate the endgame will help you win many games. 

3) Don't waste your time memorizing the openings.

Time is Very valuable thing when it comes to chess. So utilize it well and in productive things.

Many chess players make the mistake of spending time tediously memorizing sequences of chess moves (the “opening”). The problem is that most players don’t know very many openings, or even if they do, the chances they play your specific lines are very small. Just learn good opening principles from the start and don’t stress about memorizing.

4) Check your moves 2 times.

Prevention is always better than cure. So do check with your work twice before you do it permanently in order to get rid of the foolish and unwanted mistakes which can e eventually slow your progress. Most games are lost by blunders. So before you move one of your pieces, always do a double-check to make sure that your king will be safe and that you are not giving away any pieces for free.

5) Rule it and then play it!

This is very basic yet important basic chess tip which can actually change the whole scenario! Don't go with half knowledge of anything. Learn, think, grasp and learn all the basic then challenge the opponent. In short keep your basics clear and updated for a good and heavy game. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t exactly sure of the rules, or if you think you already know the rules of the game. Unless you are already a serious chess player, it’s a good idea to review the basic piece movements and special rules of chess.


So that's all for the basics. Let us know what else need to be added in the tips.