Grasping the art of defense is not at all easy as it seems. It is one of the most difficult tasks to master in chess. Here, it is not only about the knowledge one has but also about the perception and attitude towards the position on the board. Positions, where you have to defend, are difficult and unpleasant to play.

This encounters the reason why some player collapse and lose the game, it’s only because of the thing that even the position is worse still defendable.

Defense can be stated in terms of chess just an attack, must be practiced and in order to do so, you can start with Petrosian’s, Kortchnoi’s or Karjakin’s games. Until then, here a few basic things to remember during the game.

1.Positional sacrifice

One of ‘signature motifs’ we can find in Petrosian’s games is the positional sacrifice. This refers to giving up material not for an immediate win, but for a lasting advantage or, in our case, a possible fortress or chances for counter play. Always consider this possibility during your game; a pawn or an exchange usually don’t mean that much if you get a complicated position with good or even better chances for you.

2.No weaknesses

If you are out of stock of how to improve your tactics of position, then you better do your best but don’t do foolish mistakes and worsen it. Try to keep it intact and don’t commit any unnecessary weaknesses that will provide your opponent with new targets of attack.


Well guys, this is one of the most primary and very important thing in the game of chess I mean like in every aspect of life not only in chess but now as we are focusing on being a good defender this is what the most important part arises.

Never forget whatever happens a positive mindset always gives you positive attitude no matter what surrounding I s made up of because where there is will there is 100% way!

Always keep a positive attitude towards your position.

This will help you keep searching for the best and most active moves in the positions, moves that put problems to your opponent. Don’t over-estimate your opponent’s chances, but keep a clear head. Play normal moves, look for activity, set traps and don’t believe any ‘GHOSTS’!


Try to make things difficult for your opponent by complicating the position and making him feel insecure about the strategies and plans he is using to make a way towards win. As well as in attack, you have to always be on the look for active moves- captures, checks or immediate threats. Try to seize every opportunity that you might have to turn the tables in your favor; push your opponent’s pieces back and find ways of improving your own because remember you know yourself better than anyone else out in this world.

5.Waiting strategy

Being patient and waiting for the correct time and correct moves is one of the easy task when looked upon but very hard to implement but it becomes of immense important to imitate it to become a good chess player.

Counter play and active moves posses a very vital role for a good and defensive move. While this is true, you shouldn’t suddenly go crazy and make moves that only look active, but in fact ‘help’ you make things worse. Sometimes the best strategy is to just wait. Pay attention to your opponent’s threats and parry them, but without weakening your position. Observation is very important in every step.

Let him find a way to break through; this usually leads to double- edged positions where your chances are suddenly equal.

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