Chess is an ancient game created more than 1500 years ago. Smartphone is a relatively new technology which is roughly 20 years old (believe it or not). What if the two combined together and can be carried in your pocket all the time? Isn’t it amazing?  ChessVicky is always on the top to make the best out for you. So we have launched ChessVicky app only for chess lovers all out there. Here are 5 basic reasons why you should have our official ChessVicky app on your phone.

Reason #1: Solving tactics

How many times have you find yourself in a situation when you have to wait for something or someone with nothing to do? Surely you could play Angry Birds or Candy Crusher on your phone. But, instead of wasting your time like that you could, in fact, invest it in your chess.

Our ChessVicky app comes with a build-in tactics trainer. This is a perfect possibility to turn these 10-15 boring minutes into good chess training. 15 minutes doesn’t look like a lot of time, but if you do it 10 days in a row, it’s already two and a half hours of pure tactics.

Reason #2: Playing against the engine

It may be stressful for some players to play against a full blown 2600 rated chess engine app. The result is predetermined.

Some players complain that they cannot play enough chess due to a busy schedule, etc. Trust me, if you have ChessVicky on your phone and if you enjoy chess, you will definitely find time to play it. Remember, playing chess is a necessary component for improvement.

Reason#3: Webinar

Flow more deeply into the era of chess world by attending mind transforming chess webinars and become masters from the renowned chess masters. you should really go for this amazing webinars to gain good knowledge of chess coming from various fields.

Reason #4: Analyses board

Having this app on your Smartphone gives you an ability to use a virtual chess board anywhere, anytime. Say, you want to browse through the chess game you are reading about in a magazine but have no chess board around. Sure, you can probably go through the moves in your head, but wouldn’t it be much easier to analyze the game using the app’s neat chess board?

I think so!


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Be smarter in chess with us. Because if your phone is smart including you, ChessVicky app makes you smarter!

Do let us know what you think about our app and till then stay calm, stay safe and play chess!