The ability to spot tactical motifs and hidden combinations is a must have for every chess players who wish to obtain notable results. It is well known that tactics play a major role in the chess game.

It is true upto an extend that some players are gifted with the magic vision and they produce magical tactics in their game on time after the. However, those are only a few. Scientifically speaking that the tactical vision and calculation can be trained and improved to a higher level. It takes time, but if you walk through the path, if you do your homework, your tactics will improve 100%.

The following tips and advice are to start from scrap; if you feel like you can skip some techniques then use what you think will work best for you.

1)Study the tactical motifs

Tactics are based on patterns.

For example- a dangerous pin, a weakened on the king’s shelter, an unprotected piece – these are all tactical themes. It is useful to learn them all and it should be a fairly easy thing to do.

2)   Learn from the classics!

The games of Tal and Bronstein to start with. Get inspired by going over the most amazing games of these two artists. In his book the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, there is a chapter dedicated to explained combinations, for example. Seeing a lot of tactical game will open your eyes about the possibilities hidden on the chessboard.


Once you have taken your work to more advanced stages, then there are small things that you can add to become better and better. One of them, for example, is to work on your own visualization.

You can forget a piece was here and there end then blunder something happens to the best. However, you van work on this aspect of your skills by solving exercises blindfold.

Then When you reach a certain point where you feel you can’t see it anymore, put the position you have in your head on a chess board, take a look and go on with the rest of the game without moving the pieces!

4)Solve exercises

Well it is one of the most primary and important task to do which will help you in improving your skills at a high level and will enhance you to be a great player within such a less predictable time.

We recommend you to give your little time from your busy schedule (if you have any!) to tactical puzzles solving.

Aim for quality and perfection not for wasting time and quantity.

Implement this as many times as you can and try to improve it every time.

5)Work on your calculation skills

Tactical play mandatory demands good and perfect calculation skills. In order to improve your calculations skills you need to focus on solving more difficult tasks as you know that there is no elevator to success so you better take the steps!

There are plenty of books available in the market with prime and top quality exercises. So go ahead and get them!