Expect the unexpected they say… well proved… this twinkling star can achieve or can reach up to an extreme level of chess at a very tender age was never, ever expected by her parents. But she worked hard and with the passion of playing chess it’s not just playing but earning it was the only thing she did and now she has become the NATIONAL CHAMPION at a very tender age. Congratulations to her huge spirit. 


Swarali hathwalne is a young girl from satara and is the youngest rated player. She is now studying in 2nd standard. She is very hard working and goal oriented girl. Other children’s at her age are busy playing other games and she is busy making chess not only her passion but well she can make it as her carrier! And why not chess is the art which not everyone can pursue but she has got that strength and the capability to develop her mind and reach her goals. Hats off to her spirit.

There is no shortcut towards success. You don’t get an elevator to achieve your goals you need to build the stairs and yes she did the same! Her hard work and dedication is the only things who gave her the title of NATIONAL CHAMPION. She won this competition at vijayapada. And the cherry to cake on her success is that she has been selected for the THAILAND ASIAN CHAMPIONSHIP by the national team and she will be representing India! What an amazing scenario it will be to see her playing for our nation that too at a very young age!

Her father’s name is GIRISH HATHWALNE and the main reason for her in keeping the interest in chess. Her father supported her a lot and took each and every care and kept away the distractions which would come in her way. Being a government employee he still managed to boost her confidence up by going to most of her important tournament. A child especially daughter needs a mother the most but “IT NEEDS A FATHER TOO”. She is very much supported by her father and the reason behind her success is none other than him. A father and daughter’s relation is very unique and can’t be understood by all is very well explained in the case of this rising star.


She is now professionally being trained by MR.SUMOKH GAIKWAID SIR & ASSISTANT COACH – UDAY SIR.


She was interviewed by the founder and chairman of CHESSVICKY.COM MR. VINAYAK JAGGANATH WADILE.

 Here is the detailed interview of the father and his daughter:-

(Questions asked to her father)

1)  Seeing your daughter achieving the success at a very small age how are you feeling?

 Ans- tears of joy! Can’t express in words how much proud she had made us feel. We didn’t expect her to reach at this level at a very small age. She made us feel proud! We are proud of her!


2)   How this tiny tot (swarali) stepped in to the world of chess?

Ans- I and my brother used to play chess and she used to observe it  and she tried to play and then she started developing interest and onwards chess became the part of her life and now chess is her LIFE ITSELF!

Then she joined coaching and is getting trained under the guidance of GAIKWAID SIR who is her role model.


3)   Would you tell her about some of her achievements?

Ans- she started winning awards recently 1 month after joining the coaching. She kept on winning most of the matches she played. She got prizes every month. She increased her efforts and started playing tournaments which is a very great thing in itself. She practiced very hard and with full concentrations for almost 2 years and won the STATE CHAMPIONSHIP AWARD and that same attraction of her for chess gave her NATONAL CHAMPIONSHIP AWARD.!


4)   Tell us one of her best performance?

Ans- her best performance was the one which she gave in her FINALS of THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP.

I told her only a logical thing that if she will win she will get the 1st big trophy if she will drew the game she will get the 2nd big trophy and if she will lose the game she will get the small 3rd bronze trophy. 

To my surprise my hardworking tiny tot woke up early in the morning at 6:30 pm and kept on practising and no doubt won the NATIONALS! She makes a difference!


5)   Any extra coaching you give her which makes her an awesome chess player?

Ans- I would say practice makes man perfect. Coach Sir clears her each and every doubt and her practice sessions are held for 3-4 hours. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday her coaching session are held.


6)   Are there any changes in swarali?

Ans- Due to her tremendous chess loving and her dedication towards her game her grasping power has increased a lot. Her study level has increased and she remembers the things which she had seen once. CHESS CHANGED HER IN A POSITIVE WAY! The graph of her intelligence is increasing day by day and we are glad to see her progress.


7)   Is it important to leave school for complete concentration in chess?

Ans- No, according to me chess helps in increasing the concentration in study. Education is important in life so everyone should mostly focus on it. Everybody has different point of view. So it basically depends upon how do see things.


8)   what do you want to say about the ktbs tournament?

  Ans - The tournaments management was awesome and at its best.       Time is money is well explained by the ktbs team. The tournament starts on time and ends at the given time. Good care is taken of the pupils and management is best with good facilities and A.C hall. The best ever tournament ever seen in Maharashtra.  We come from solapur to be a part of this tournament from the time when swarali came 1st in under-6 of INTERNATIONAL RAPID RATING TOURNAMENT.


9)   What preparations are been made for the Thailand tournament?

Ans- Her daily practice session are there from 6-30 to 8-30 in which she plays matches, she watches openings, she solves puzzles etc. there are lots of variation in her practice. The mistakes made by her in her previous matches are cleared by her coach. She has been made to play with the highly rated players which enhances her spirit and boosts her confidence.

Her level of playing game has increased and developing day by day


10) Being a government employee how did you managed your job as well as attending her tournaments?

Ans- I manage somehow by taking leave but sometimes it is not possible for me to attend her each and every tournament. She should try and go for classical instead.


(Question asked to swarali)

1)   How much point did you scored and which was your best game amongst the 4?

Ans- I liked the 3rd round and I made the variation in which I made the 4 moves of knight.

(7-8 years old girl is generating moves is a very big achievement)

Click on the link to watch Swarali' and Her Father's Full Interview :-  Swarali's Interview


Chessvicky team wishes her all the best for her bright future. Stay blessed and keep on playing chess. May you get what you want keep on growing and keep on glowing and keep on playing and keep on winning. May you get what you want...


Chessvicky team salutes this young talent.