Jalgao's Rising Star Pratik Patil.

As you all know that The All India Kalyan Dombivali International Chess Tournament is on fire and their are various candidates who are enhancing its glory but the attention seeker in this full tournament has been taken by a youngteen PRATIK PRAVIN PATIL.

These young star is only 22 years old with a 2254 rating. This talented guy stepped in the world of chess in the year 2002.

A father and Mother can be a perfect guidance for the success of a son as said and it has been proven in his case. His father MR.PRAVIN PATIL has been a top chess player at a university level and Mother MRS.REKHA PATIL is house wife. But the destiny was demanding something else, unfortunately his father met with accident so pratik used to be with him in the hospital.  So in his spare time his dad used to teach him chess and this guy developed a huge interest in these field. Inspired from him his youger Sister BHAGYASHREE PATIL also started playing chess. Now her current Rating is 1736.

So he played his first game under-7 at state level and secured 3rd position which boosted his interest more in the world of chess.

He got his basics cleared from his coach MR.VIVEK DANI who proved out to be his first coach. Under his guidance this young bud bloomed and learnt many things and actively took part in many tournaments.

His current coach is VISHNU PRASANNA.

One of his most awesome competitions  were the one he played at Greece in year 2008 and secured 1st position.

He gave his another great performance at malaysia.

And in the year 2013 he got his International Master norm complete. From 2011 he is having a rating of 2200.

He has been the part of Maharashtra chess league and played for Jalgaon Battle team and for the Ahmednagar Checkers team as well.

2015 was one of his most best performance he did gave.

This young boy has got is BA Complete and is leading towards the preparation of MBA. This guy has actively showed up his talent in many tournaments and won laurels.

According to him his one of the best experience were he went for the competition outside the country were ABHUDHABI and dutch open and in INDIA it was parshwanathan..

So talking about his current game in this tournament which was just awesomely executed.

In the morning during the 6th game he did Grunfield Defence opening with black but didnt got a great start.

Again in the noon it was his 7th game and instead of getting the white ones he again got the black pieces which wasnt suitable for him upto an extend.

The GM and winner of chennai international tournament 2018 R.R LAXMAN was present to see his match and was observing him.

This guy noticed that and decided to make the Grunfield Defence opening which pratik couldn't do nicely in the 6th game against his lower rated opponent. And Pratik was pretty damn sure that R.R LAXMAN  will be his opponent in the next game.

So he practiced the Grunfield Defence perfectly as he knew that the way he was playing uncomfortably in his prior match he will do the same the guy must have thought so he will also try to make the same move. So he perfectly practiced the variation in his spare time and to his luck his opponent was R.R LAXMAN indeed!!!

Very smartly and perfectly this guy did the same defense opening and drewed the match against GM R.R LAXMAN.

To watch the Full game of Pratik And Laxman ,Click on the Link :- R.R Laxman 1/2-1/2 Pratik Patil

THEN MR.VINAYAK JAGGANATH WADILE the founder and director of Asia's largest and first chess webportal CHESSVICKY.COM asked this guy a question during his Interview on Chessvicky, stated as “ what you think who will be the world chess  champion"?

This guy very smartly answered VIDIT GUJHRATHI.

Mr.ANAND VISHWANATHAN is very renowned chess player of india and is almost favourite of every chess player but this guy has got a different taste and his favourite chess player is VIDIT GUJHRATHI.

 So the tournament is getting excited and interesting day by day and getting tremendous response and support from the chess lovers. And has got a very nice facilities and organisation and arrangement team is putting effort to become it a grand sucess..