IM Vikraditya Kulkarni ; Winner of All India Kalyan Dombivali International Chess Tournament.


A very heartily congratulations to the winner of the ALL INDIA KALYAN DOMBIVALI INTERNATIONAL CHESS TOURNAMENT that’s IM MR.VIKRAMADITYA KULKARNI who played very well and created his identity.

Pic:- Rangashri & Hamburg Studio

So talking about this man who can become a inspiration for many chess lovers  and a perfect example of the phrase that hard work always leads to success.

IM VIKRAMADITYA KULKARNI took his first step in the chess world when he was just 7-8 years old which in itself is a very big thing that a guy at very young age is developing a keen interest in this game. He used to play chess during his vacation with his elder sister VIDHULA KULKARNI-DESHPANDE and started developing his skills and interest.

At the tender age of 13 years this guy received a notice from school that a chess competition is held and he must participate. The faith his school showed in him and encouraged him to take part in the chess competition boosted his confidence which lead to a positive result. He was honoured with a consolation prize and this guy was overwhelmed with joy. The consolation prize contained a book which was a true inspiration for him and developed his deep and keen interest in the chess.

MR.DHANESH SHRIKHANDE was his first coach till 2001 and he made efforts and cleared all his basics and the necessary things which made him play chess and develop more enthusiastic feeling for chess.


His father is the metallurgical engineer and mother is house wife and then became teacher.

Talking about the laurels he won and the tournaments he played were amazing.

In the year 2007,at Kolkata he played a GM TOURNAMENT and got IM title he then played the next game in the same tournament but destiny didn’t support him we can say. The match which he played for the urge of the GM title got drew. And the same thing happen thrice. So he is still on the IM title. But never the less to get that title one has to go through many ups and downs in life which is not everyone’s cup of tea.

One of his best childhood tournament was the NATIONAL JUNIOR. He very excitedly participated in it and secured the 4th position.


And fourth was this guy.

VIKRAMADITYA KULKARNI find himself very lucky as he got to play with this famous personalities as this players are amongst the top 30 players in the world and amongst top 5 in India.

His another best and experienced tournament as he stated were the DUBAI TOURNAMENT and the KOLKATA GM TOURNAMENT.

This overwhelming legend has played more than 100+ tournaments and has secured an unique identity in the world of chess..

Though everyone must be thinking that things happen only if you are under the guidance of a good coach but NO!

This guy has proved it all wrong. The IM title has been owned by him without any coach!!

Yesss! So its really not necessary to have a coach if you have will power and passion and interest in any thing.


This phrase exactly suits to our IM’S story.

Pic :- IM Vikramaditya.

MR.VINAYAK JAGANNATH WADILE  (Founder and Director of the Asia’s first chess Webportal CHESSVICKY.COM)  interviewed him.

Q1) cricket, football and other games need less money than chess. Is it true? What are your views?

Ans- yes, there are many abroad tournaments you have to play and its only you so no one sponsors a single guy basically so chess is the most expensive game than any other. Mainly 5-10 lacs per month are spend if you decide to play each and every tournament happening all over the India as well as the world. 

Q2) If a guy has talent in the chess world but lacks money, what should he do? Should he continue to play chess or quit it?

Ans- according to me he should quit. basically chess needs money because to create you identity you need to win the matches and try to prove yourself. So not giving it much importance as a profession it should be limited only till passion in such condition.

Q3) The current world champion MAGNUS CARLSEN is just awesome. So sir, what you think who can defend him?

Ans- basically its not very easy as no one has that kind of game and variation which that guy owns. But, inIndia expectation can be made from HARIKRISHNAN, SHASHIKIRAN AND VIDIT GUJHRATHI. And if considering over the world then its ARONIAN.

Q4) Nowadays we got to hear that MR.ANAND VISHWANATHAN should quit or retire from the world of chess as he is getting aged but that guy won the rapid world championship currently and proved everyone wrong which is very mind-blowing thing that he has proved that their is no age for playing chess and even though the body gets tired but the brain and soul are still what are your thoughts about this great man?

Ans- ANAND VISHWANATHAN is such a huge personality that he can comeback at any time and has the ability to show people that what he is made up of and he is one of a kind and its not easy to be like him.

Q5) What are you thoughts about this tournament? What are your experiences and best matches in this game?

Ans- The tournament was best and awesome at its peak with good facilities and the best arrangement crew ever. The management was awesome and without any kind of mistakes the tournament achieved a good success.

My best game was the 9th one which a played against GM R.R LAXMAN.

Here is the Game Analysis by IM Vikramaditya, Click on the link :- 9th Round- IM Vikramaditya Vs GM R R Laxman