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GM R.R LAXMAN is one of the most prodigious talents. He captured the imagination of chess fans by winning the under-12 nationals. In spite of being a brilliant student, he decided to pursue chess as his career.

He started playing chess at the age of 10 where other tiny tots are busy playing hide and seek and other things. His father was a chess-player. His father tutored and nurtured the passion for chess in him. It all started with his first place at national championship under-12 at Calicut. He was treated like a celebrity in school. His passion for chess was kindled at a tender age because of this.

His unconditional passion for chess grew day by day coupled with the support and encouragement from his parents who monitored his progress in chess periodically.

He is a proud student of don bosco Egmore School. His inspiration and all time favourite player is VISHY ANAND.

He cherished his pleasant memories of being trained under by SHRI MADHESHWARAN SRIDHARAN (BROTHER OF IM BALASUBRAMANIUM) AND RAMCHANDRAM.

He got trained by great mentors named AL.KASI and SURESH KUMAR.

DR.RAJARAM who is an ENT surgeon and DR.ROOPMALA who is a gynaecologist are proud parents of our blitz king. Elder brother named VIJAY is currently residing in US.

One of his amazing tournaments was:-


Common wealth game, delhi-2010

Chennai GM tournament- 2018

He has shown his active skills in many places and in many leagues such as MCL that is MAHARASHTRA CHESS LEAGUE and he plays for MUMBAI MOVERS.

Pic Credit:- Rangashri & Hamburg Studio/Chessvicky

This inspiration character is now 35 years old and is probably playing from last 25 years.

He got offered by integral coach factory and division of railways and is apparently working with them.

He got the auspicious title of IM in the year 2004 at Raipur tournament, Chhattisgarh. Then he got entitled with GM in the year Aug 2009 at the age of 26 at Kolkata grandmasters tournament.

His rating is 2410 crossed.

The best laurels won by him were the one in Chennai. The reward was cash prize worth rs.2lac and he received another big amount of 1.15 lac at commonwealth games.

He has tremendous support of AICF (ALL INDIA CHESS FEDERATION).

He got offered for a job by the railways in Feb 2008 and he accepted the offer and is currently a part of the thing.

He actively took part in the ktbs tournament and won 3-4 times in rapid. The tournament was well organized and management very thoroughly as stated by him.

C.J ARVIND is his childhood friend from last 25 years. He supported the GM alot in pursuing and focusing on his goals and aims. Arvind noticed him at the right moment and strictly advised him to start playing internet chess with IMs and GMs to remove the sense of fear. The advice proved a boon for him which helped him alot in achieving the GM’s title.

The founder and Chairman of Asia’s First chess webportal CHESSVICKY.COM interviewed him:-

Q.1) who can become the world chess champion in India according to u?

Ans- HARIKRISHNA and VIDHIT. Coz both have ability and that spark which can make them world chess champion. It may be ARONIAN or VISHYANAND as both are very innovative players.

Q.2) who can defeat CARLESEN in the world championship?

Ans- According to me, it is obvious VISHYANAND as he has almost awesome variations which make him an innovative and amazing player in the world of chess.

Q.3) which round proved out to be tough for you in the current ktbs tournament you played?

Ans- The 10th round was complicated for me. My opponent was pratik patil. The guy played taking huge and solid risks and gave a tough competition to me. He played with berling opening strategy with d4 variation.

Q.4) what you did to make your game more strong?

Ans- I practiced out a large series of games after my office hours which helped me alot in my strategy making and my variations.

Q.5) what should be done to gain the title of GM?

Ans- The gm title is not everyone’s cup of tea but it’s not impossible though coz even impossible says I’M POSSIBLE!! So the game should be practiced daily for 7-8 hours and clear the strategy and variations and practice is must as PRACTICE MAKES MAN PERFECT. The game should be followed with explanation and one should step in world of chess from the age of 7-8 years and hence can create their carrier and should set goal to gain the GM’s title till 25 years of age.

Q.6) why some of the players are unable to pay high quality tournament?

Ans- The basic reason is they are much underrated and don’t leave the game easily and prove out to be very time consuming and constant at one level.

Q.7) what is important for making carrier in chess? Talented coach, talent in playing chess or good financial status?

Ans- I would say all of the three things are important in creating identity and name in the world of chess. A proper guidance from an experienced coach is important as well as good opening strategy with good variations and yes the financial condition should be at its peak as no one sponsors the individual.


The journey from normal boy to GM was full of hurdles for him but he still managed to get at this point which in itself is very appreciable. He overcome his fears and came out strong and battles each and every situation fiercely and finally he overcame his weakness to become the 20 grandmaster of India. It’s not without the reason that the Chennai GM has earned the sobriquet of blitz king! He has become a huge inspiration for all the chess lovers. May he live long and play long and his game grow along! You make a difference GM!